Adam and Janie Board are thrilled to offer authentic and exclusive training in Krav Maga to the Upstate of South Carolina, believing everyone has the right to feel safe, empowered, and able to effectively protect themselves and their loved ones.

Used by Israel’s military, Krav Maga incorporates natural instincts with practical techniques and realistic training scenarios to end an attack as quickly as possible. This real-world practicality makes Krav Maga the best and most efficient self-defense system, allowing anyone to quickly learn and utilize Krav Maga with confidence in their daily life, regardless of physical stature or ability.

Weekly classes are available for adults and kids along with special training seminars for groups and organizations.

With their respective backgrounds in criminal justice and theatre, instructors Adam and Janie have a deep passion for building confidence and capability in others. Their experiences also allow them to infuse their classes with technical knowledge, an eye for precision, help with mind/body connection, increasing situational awareness, adaptability in teaching methods, and, most importantly, an encouraging and fun environment.


Public seminars are offered each month for adults and kids that cover a specific set of skills for critical circumstances such as basic self-defense, bullying, abduction, rape, and gun and knife disarming.

Our instructors are also happy to create a custom seminar for any group or organization wishing to book or host a private training with a minimum of 15 participants. These seminars act as an excellent introduction into Krav Maga while equipping participants with real-world skills to confidently defend themselves in these situations.

Weekly classes allow adults and kids to systematically train through each Krav Maga technique, building life-saving muscle memory that allows a student to bypass their brain and act on instinct in a highly stressful and dangerous situation.

In any weekly class or one-time seminar, our instructors use a combination of technique drilling, physical conditioning, and real-world scenario training to help build proficiency, endurance, and adaptability.

Students are always encouraged to challenge themselves within their means, but all techniques and exercises can and will be adapted as required for students. Krav Maga is a combat system for all, regardless of age or body type and ability, and our instructors are more than happy to work with you and your specific needs.


In general, students should wear loose and comfortable workout clothes that allow for easy movement that could include periods of standing, bending, grappling, and ground work. Krav Maga by nature is a high-contact combat system, so clothes that cover the midriff and sides are also recommended. Other suggested items to bring include water bottle, sweat towel, MMA/kickboxing gloves, and protective cup for men.


Students learn Krav Maga through a system of grades. Our weekly classes run on a cyclical 8-Week Curriculum, allowing students to join at any time and learn all techniques in a grade. Students will then continue in this curriculum until their practice hours have been fulfilled and a certain level of proficiency is reached to qualify them for comprehensive testing if they wish to advance to the next grade.


Interested in Krav Maga but wanting to know more before committing? Your first visit to our weekly class is FREE. No commitment before or after is necessary, so come by, meet our instructors, and try your hand at some Krav Maga techniques.

  • 15 Renfrew Avenue, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

Class Schedule:
  • Adults (ages 13+): Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm

  • KidsKrav (ages 8-12): Summer Session Coming Soon!

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8 Week Curriculm $225 $125
1 Year Subscription $90 A MONTH $45 A MONTH

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