Jib Length: 30.5 m Max. Total rated loads above bold lines in the chart are based on crane strength and those below, on its stability. Auxiliary Nose Sheave 250 113 12 ton (11 mt) Headache Ball 585 270 100 ton (91 mt) Hook Block 2,500 1,134 Auger Ready Package 440 200 Complete Auger Package 1,520 690 60 in Kelly Bar 120 50 * Deduction from Standard Crane Weight Main Winch Jib Length: 30.5 m Max. 110 TON MOBILE CRANE. Lifting Capacity 160 t/4.4 m Max. On Outriggers, 360° Working area Outrigger base 23.62 ft On Outriggers, 360° Working area Outrigger base 16.4 ft Boom Length (ft) Boom Length in (ft) GROVE TMS-9000E. Radius in metres from cntre of crane slew to centre of lift s NOTE: 1. Rope: Rotation resistant, compacted strand, 9080 lb. GROVE TMS-500E . Need a quote? Length 12.2 m Standard Crane Boom Max. Consult jib chart for jib capacities. 250 ton (220.0 mt) All-Terrain Crane • Bullet-proof German-engineered hydraulic and electrical systems • Exclusive LoadCom feature effectively compensates for boom deflection as load is lifted off the ground • Tilting operator’s seat capsule operates separate from cab … In combination with its excellent maneuverability, this especially makes it the crane of choice for … Tower cranes from Peiner and Potain. The AC100 has the highest lift capacity of any 4 axle crane, both with maximum counterweight configuration as well as when remaining inside the 26,500 axle load limit. 4 LTM 1200 5.1 LICCON2 t t 4 t 5 t t t 0 t t 2 t 4 t 62 t t 9 t 206 t 22 t 26 t * T 85% 43 – 236 ft 159000 lbs 360° Lifting capacities Forces de levage T 0 40 295 295 2924 0 capacity. The Terex/Demag AC100 is an All Terrain crane with a lift capacity of 120 tons (100 tons metric). 110 Ton TeleCrawler Load Chart . For international crane salesand nationwide crane rental call. 3. Crane Specification search result for manufacturer: Fuwa and model: QUY250-1 FreeCraneSpecs.com: Fuwa QUY250-1 Crane Specifications/Load Charts Toggle navigation Load Charts. Lifting Capacity: 250 t x 4.6 m Max. HYDRAULIC CRAWLER CRANE CKE1800 Max. Prevents damage to hoist rope and/or crane components from pulling load hook against tip. 130 Ton RT Load Chart. Load Charts. Being able to read a Krupp load chart properly provides you with a proper knowledge of your cranes potential lifting capacity. from the formula, Total Rated Load = Tipping Load - 0.1 x Tip Reaction) / 1.25. This is an official website of Kobelco Cranes Co., Ltd. providing product information, PDF brochures, technical information, digital contents, and some other Internet services. No other company in the Houston area offers our full range of equipment and services. Lifting Capacity: 250 tons X 4.6 m LUFFING BOOM Man Lifting Capaaty: 150 tons x 7.0 m LONG BOOM Max. Load Chart to Configure Correct Crane Use For Manitowoc, Grove, Link-Belt, Terex Demag, Terex American, Liebherr, Broderson, and Shuttlelift. Total rated loads above bold lines in the chart are based on crane strength and those below, on its stability. LINK BELT HTC-86110. Load ratings are for zero degree list.  jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ){ Grove RT890E. We want to buy it! The 250 ton (226.8 mt) Lattice Crawler Crane • 365 hp Tier III Engine ... Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for *Reference Only* and are not to be used by the crane operator to operate any type of crane, telehandler, lift truck or aerial access device. Rated Capacity Limiter: Warns operator of impending overload with audible & visual signals.